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Sprinklers, Lighting, & Drainage

Add curb appeal to your home by ensuring that your yard is beautiful and healthy. Located in McKinney, Texas, Decorative Landscape provides business and homeowners with friendly, knowledgeable landscaping services.

Garden Lighting

Irrigating the Dry Texas Soil

Keep your yard healthy by watering it regularly. We repair and install sprinkler systems, as well as fine tune your existing system, to make them more efficient. We sell products from Hunter™.

Light Up Your World

We carry high-quality landscape lighting from industry-leading companies. We design, install, and repair merchandise from Alliance Outdoor Lighting™ and FXLuminaire™. All of our fixtures come with a 10 year warranty, and our lightbulbs are warrantied for five years.

Draining Away Excess Water

When you live at the bottom of a hill, we grade your property to ensure that water flows away from your home. Proper drainage means that you do not have to deal with stagnant water, breeding mosquitos, or damage to your house and lawn. We install French drains and Flo-Well systems from NDS™ to keep excess water from causing trouble.

Your Private Babbling Brook

Relax to the gentle sounds of your new water feature. We install waterfalls, ponds, and disappearing waterfalls, as well as the underground tanks and pumps to keep the water flowing. We are always available to repair and replace water pumps.